Guy Moon

Guy Moon is a Los Angeles composer for both live action and animated series and films. Born in Madison, Wisconsin and raised in small town Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the breadth of his work highlights not only his ability to work in many different areas of the film and TV industry, but also his talent for orchestrating and creating music that beckons an audience in no matter the age.

Moon is most readily recognized for his work on a variety of Nickelodeon shows such as The Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Back at The Barnyard, and Big Time Rush, as well as Dreamwork’s The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and and Netflix’ Johnny Test Seasons 7 & 8. Alongside producers Butch Hartman and Scott Fellows, Moon has developed a great love and honed his talent for connecting his musicality to his light-hearted outlook in life. He has won multiple BMI Film and TV Awards as well as an Annie Award in 2010 for his work on Fairly Odd Parents. His work has also garnered several Emmy nominations.

In addition to his work in animation, Guy Moon has composed scores for theatrical films such as The Crash, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel, and John Grisham’s Mickey. He has also been credited with working on scores for such well-known movies as Minority Report, Fight Club, and Mystic Pizza. Moon’s work is not confined by boundaries of genre or category as his brand of artistry and capability lies in many different pieces of art in the film industry.  In 2017, he was recognized as winner of Best Movie Score in the 168 Film Festival (US) for the movie short Musical Talentland.

Outside of his professional career as a composer, Guy Moon is father to three strong and musically gifted adults and husband to his high school sweetheart. His love for music as well as his community has led him to create an annual house concert called “Moonstock” where he works to showcase and encourage young artists, like his children, to share and hone their art. It is in this very gathering of friends and family and music that one can see how genuinely and meticulously Guy Moon intertwines that love for both music and his community as well as his dedication to the future of musical composition.